Top 5 beaches in Turkey

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          Turkey is a fascinating country for so many reasons, it would take ages to describe. But there’s no denying that a major attraction is represented by its spectacular sandy beaches that have become synonymous with holiday relaxation.

With their fine golden sands and mesmerizing deep blue waters, Turkish beaches truly feel like a slice of heaven. So let’s take a trip down the Turkish coastline and find some of the country’s best beaches.

Patara is one of Turkey’s most famous and longest beaches. With its 18 km of fine white sand, it is a place where you’ll never have to deal with crowds of tourists. Instead, you can admire endless views of the Mediterranean Sea in a peaceful atmosphere. There are no resorts or hotels in sight to spoil the beautiful panorama or ruin the enchanting sound of the waves with their buzz. As a bonus, you can visit the nearby ancient ruins of Patara. The Roman amphitheatre half buried in the sands, the Lycian necropolis and the ruins of a basilica and a public bath offer an amazing trip back in time.

Iztuzu, Turtle Beach is not only a beautiful beach but also one of the few places where loggerhead turtles come to breed. Thanks to these rare marine reptiles, the beach has kept its wild, unspoiled character and it’s a wonderful place where you can feel connected to nature. The narrow arch of sand that stretches for 5 km and the shallow waters are perfect for a quiet getaway to soak up the sun. If you are lucky, you might spot some turtles during your visit.

Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz gets its name from the many butterfly species that populate the area. Only accessible by shuttle boat, the secluded beach lies at the base of the Babadag Mountain and has an eerie air about it. The perfectly clear water and the hot sands meet two lofty cliffs, creating a unique piece of paradise. The view is so stunning that it almost feels like you’ve stepped into a dream. The valley is an ideal spot for camping, but you can also choose to stay in a romantic bungalow.

Cirali is yet another tranquil destination, an hour away from Antalya. The beautiful natural beach backdropped by towering mountains covered in vegetation offers an oasis of relaxation under the sun. Olympos, the ancient city of Lycia, is just next to it, so when you wake up from your peaceful dream, you can head out to explore this fascinating historic site.

Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz is not a sequel of the movie, but one of the most amazing beaches in Turkey. This natural reserve has indeed the most wonderful blue coloured waters, with a hint of green that is almost hypnotising. Besides lying on the beach and getting lost in the enchanting views, the area is also famous for being a paragliding spot. So if you are not afraid of heights, you can take in the beautiful panorama from above the waves.




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