The Best Ways to Travel from London to Istanbul in 2019

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Without a shadow of a doubt, Istanbul is unlike any other city in the world, as the old quarter with its narrow cobbled streets lie on a tapering peninsula where the blue waters of the Sea of Marmara glitter across the curve of the Golden Horn. In the fourth century it became the capital of the Byzantine Christian world, before falling to the Ottoman Turks, although the relics stud the old quarter through the splendid pavilions of the Ottoman Empire. In order to get from London to Istanbul you ought to find reliable means of transportation by plane, bus, ferry, car or car ferry but you will need step-by-step directions and travel times.


Istanbul is at the edge of Europe, but you can still travel here from London by a train journey which is quite safe, an epic 3 or 4-night adventure, full of the intrigue of long-distance travel, with this easy step-by-step guide to booking one-way or return, with schedules, details on what the journey is like and how to buy tickets. Be aware that in the summer there are fewer bustles, as the evening warmth allows you to enjoy a drink at a Bosphorus-front restaurant or in a courtyard garden although many venues close. The best for this trip is to get a 7 days pass within a period of 1 month, starting from € 335 and € 258 for ages 27 and under, with no booking fees and you will get to visit cities such as Paris, Munich, Zagreb, Belgrade and Sofia on your way.


First you need to decide on one of the almost unlimited possibilities, although they all boil down into via Budapest & Bucharest or Belgrade & Sofia, because just one train a day links Europe with Istanbul. If you are decided to ride from London to Istanbul and plan your own rail adventure, you can get a free upgrade when you buy a Global Pass for one of the most iconic journeys to Constantinople, like in Agatha Christie’s detective novel which gave the route its legendary status. The first part of your epic adventure involves a trip with Interrail, you’ll just have to reserve a seat.


Both routes take 3 nights, but you may need to spend a night in Bucharest between trains, and there’s little to choose in terms of speed, although if you make the 50-minute connection between the Budapest-Bucharest train and the Bucharest-Istanbul one it would be excellent. It is possible to travel by rail with an Interrail Global Pass, as many tracks lead to Istanbul, although the route through Sofia it’s likely to get your attention. If you don’t want to travel alone, you can pay escorts , as many of these sugar baby girls are lovely and they will surely be a great company. These women who work as escorts may help you not to get stressed out, for a fun journey. There are women who come from every corner of the world ie. : , but they don’t all have professional checks done regularly, so make sure you select a reliable escort company first.

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